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The Tines security automation platform helps cyber security teams automate any manual workflow, regardless of complexity.

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"No-app" integration

Tines does not rely on apps, applets or modules to integrate with 3rd-party tools.


Tines is designed to support automation stories containing an unlimited number of steps.


Automate manual workflows, including employee response collection on multiple channels.

Secure & private

Built by InfoSec engineers, Tines includes a suite of security and privacy features such as mandatory 2FA on all accounts.

Efficiency guarantee

If Tines does not improve the efficiency of your SecOps and Incident Response programs in 30-days, you get your money back.

Cloud and on-prem deployment

Tines supports both cloud and on-premise deployment, allowing you to integrate with your existing security tooling investments.

How it works

Receive alerts

Receive notification from any system, including: case management platforms, SIEMs, and Source Control Managers.

Determine action

Perform an unlimited number of steps to determine whether the activity represents a 'true positive'. From log and threat intelligence searches, retrieving user information and much more.

Automate reach out

Where confirmation of a user activity is required, Tines can automate user reach out and response collection across a number of channels, including: SMS, IM and eMail.

Automate remediation

Security analysts can take over at any point in the automation story, or have Tines perform remediation activity including: quarantining machines, opening trouble tickets, sharing IOCs and resetting passwords.


By automating the repetitive manual work involved in Security Operations and Incident Response, Tines increases security teams' effectiveness, thoroughness, and agility.

Avoid alert fatigue

Only involve an analyst when a true positive has been confirmed. Pre-fetch relevant context so analysts don't have to.

Increase response depth

Perform hundreds of context-gathering steps for every alert and reduce the likelihood of ignoring something important or actioning something irrelevant.

Increase ROI

Use Tines to increase return on investment of existing security tools by increasing their usage through automation.

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