What makes Tines different?

"We built Tines because we wanted an easy-to-use platform that would allow security teams automate any workflow, regardless of complexity, without having to fallback on bespoke scripting that's hard to maintain, manage and scale."

Eoin Hinchy
Founder, Tines

  • Visualize stories

    A picture is worth a thousand words (or a thousand-step SOP).

    Tines produces auto-updating, diagrammatic representations of your stories. Allowing everyone from analysts to execs quickly understand agent flow.


  • Build Quickly

    Use the Tines Storyboard and our agent templates to quickly build out your automation stories. 

    Drag and drop new agents, connect them to existing flows, dry-run and manage your Story, all on one page.

    build quickly with templates
  • "No-app" integration

    Tines does not rely on apps, applets or modules to integrate with 3rd-party tools. Our unique agent-based automation allows simple, repeatable integration with almost any 3rd-party system or application.

    Tines has 6 agent types. That's it. With these 6 agents you can create an almost unlimited number of complex automation stories. Tines provides sample agent configurations for common integrations, e.g.: read Outlook emails, search VirusTotal, create a Slack message.

    No code required
    Tines agents are easy to configure and do not require engineering, scripting or development experience. Our API Autocomplete technology and configuration widgets make it easy to define how events should be transferred between agents.

  • API autocomplete

    API autocomplete allows you to easily navigate historical events and makes agent configuration quick and easy.

  • Flexible

    Tines events and agents use the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) open standard. Making them simple to work with, read, and integrate with 3rd-party tools.

  • Crowd-source response

    Use Tines to crowd-source response to low-likelihood/high-impact events.

    Collect user-responses across email/sms/IM
    Most security teams no not have the bandwidth to follow-up on every interesting, but low-risk, alert. Using the Tines prompt widget, you can automate reach-out to users and only involve the security team when the likelihood of a true-positive has increased.

  • Streamline remediation

    Let Tines do the leg work.

    Having automation stories with a virtually limitless number of steps ensures that only true-positives will reach an analyst's queue. Either completely automate remediation actions, or prompt analysts for next steps on the platforms they use most.

  • Secure & private

    Built by security and privacy engineers, Tines is designed from the ground-up to be secure and private.

    Granular control over data residency and retention
    Choose where you data will be stored from one of 8 global locations. Specify how long data should be retained in Tines at an agent-level.

    Two-factor authentication
    Tines enforces mandatory 2FA across all accounts.

    Single-tenant architecture
    Tines leverages a single-tenant architecture meaning every customer gets dedicated and segregated infrastructure.

  • Efficiency guarantee

    If, in 30 days, Tines does not improve the efficiency of your SecOps and Incident Response programs, you get your money back.

    We believe in what we're doing - if Tines doesn't make an impact on the efficiency of your InfoSec programs, you get your money back. No questions asked.

  • Cloud and on-prem deployment

    Tines supports both cloud and on-premise deployment, allowing you to integrate with your existing security tooling investments.

    Tines cloud deployment provides lower costs,ease of integration, scalability and simplified billing.

    If you have "behind the firewall" technologies with which you need to integrate, or would just prefer to run Tines on-premise, contact our sales team to discuss on-prem deployment options.

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