In part 1 of our Automating abuse inbox management and phishing response video series, we introduced the key concepts of Tines and built a basic story. In part two of the series, we go deep and add a lot of capability to our story. Including:

  • Attachment analysis in VirusTotal
  • Real-time detonation of attachments in Hybrid Analysis
  • Analysis of URLs in
  • Collection of user responses with the Tines “Prompt Widget”

Shown below are the before and after diagrams:Phishing Diagram Before and After

Phishing Diagram Before and After

Download and import the Part 2 story file (right-click -> save as): phishing-response-abuse-inbox-management-part-2.


References: API Docs:

Hybrid Analysis:

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Virustotal file submission:

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Tines Docs – Prompt widget: