Tines is Easing the Pressure on Cybersecurity Teams

September 2, 2019 in Press


Our Start-up of the Week is Tines, a security automation firm that allows cybersecurity teams to automate their manual workloads

“Companies will typically already be exploring ways to reduce their manual workloads and increase scalability. They may even have some one-off scripts that they have written, which they want to centralise. For these companies, Tines is the next logical step.”

Ergo: Cyber firm Tines sets sights on US

August 4, 2019 in Press


Spending on cybersecurity has become a must for most businesses and one such Irish tech firm has accrued some big names in a short time.

Cybersecurity startup Tines, which was set up by Eoin Hinchy in early 2018, has launched a new offering that it claims will revolutionise the way in which companies deal with cyber attacks.

Ergo notes that Tines’ pitch seems to be working. It has already amassed a customer base including Bank of Ireland, McKesson Inc and DocuSign.

The company has big plans for an expansion into the United States, with Hinchy suggesting that the sector is large enough to build a billion-euro business in.