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Our mission




Working in enterprise security is hard. Our mission is to make the lives of enterprise security teams easier. We do this with through deep subject matter expertise, creative tooling and customer-focused innovation.




Thomas Kinsella


Before Tines, Thomas led security teams in companies like Deloitte, eBay and DocuSign. As COO, Thomas is responsible for customer success, professional services and more. Thomas has a degree in Management Science and Information Systems Studies from Trinity College in Dublin.

Eoin Hinchy


Before founding Tines in early-2018, Eoin spent 15 years working in incident response, security tooling, threat intelligence, and forensics for companies eBay/PayPal and DocuSign. Eoin has two engineering degrees, a masters in security and forensics from Dublin City University and an MBA from Imperial College London.

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The story

of Tines

What makes us tick and how we started the company

Where Tines was Born

We were working in security teams that were overwhelmed and getting burnt out. As our team grew, work became repetitive and unfulfilling and it became increasingly difficult to attract and retain staff. We believed that automation had to be part of the answer to this problem - we needed a platform that would enable our team to automate their repetitve tasks and help them refocus on higher impact projects. When we didn't find what we wanted, we started Tines.

We know that working with security vendors isn't always easy, so we aim to be different - zero FUD, simple and free POCs, quick sales processes and transparent pricing. We offer a choice of on-premise or cloud hosting, granular data residency and retention, and we don't charge for extras like SSO and SAML. We've partnered with incredible investors who believe in our mission: Blossom Capital, Accel Partners and Index Ventures.

Our values



Fear uncertainty and doubt (FUD) is a sales-tactic used by many security vendors. We believe these scare tactics are damaging to our industry and lead to security teams being on high-alert for unnecessarily long, draining periods. At Tines, we talk candidly about threats facing companies today, and build tools to help organizations address these threats.



We measure our success through our customers' success. At Tines, we put ourselves in our customers' shoes when we are making decisions. We focus on building personal, long-term relationships.



We believe our greatest opportunities are yet to come. We can only seize these opportunities by embracing change and seeking out new possibilities and innovations to create success and fuel further innovation.

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